BOPET Films Europe signs up to European Plastics Pact

BOPET Films Europe are proud to be amongst the first signatories to the European Plastics Pact which was officially launched on the 6th March 2020.

As the only viable option for food contact approved recycled content for flexible applications, BOPET films are uniquely placed to help to deliver one of the key goals which is to boost the use of recycled plastics in packaging to an average of at least 30%. In addition, PET benefits from the best in class mechanical and monomer recycling processes, and there are also commercial case studies available for the recycling of mixed plastic laminates based on BOPET film in both mechanical and feedstock recycling processes. BOPET films are amongst the most resource efficient materials used in flexible packaging applications and as such are in line with the European Plastics Pact aim to boost “Recyclabiilty without raising the total lifecycle environmental impact”