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BOPET films form the backbone of the majority of high performance flexible packaging structures, providing the perfect building platform which additional elements such as ink, barrier coatings and heat sealable layers such as PE films are then added. 


Material Benefits

Without BOPET

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Polyester's inherent stiffness and stable temperature range allow for the optimum resource efficiency, facilitating high speed packing processes whilst  using the minimum possible amount of raw materials. 


Without BOPET films we could see a significant increase in the financial and most importantly the environmental cost to the food packing industry as more packing lines would be required to run inefficiently designed pack formats.


Polyester has best in class mechanical and chemical recycling options based on the ability to remove contamination and to survive multiple extrusion cycles.


Retailers and brand owners unable to meet their 2025 sustainability pledges to incorporate recycled content

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Polyester has an exceptionally strong barrier to odour, making it the material of choice to preserve flavours (coffee, tea and spices) but also where you wish to protect other products from cross contamination such as detergent packs. 

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Without BOPET films we could have shorter shelf life products with less consumer appeal, and would use more resources with an increased reliance on rigid packaging

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Polyester’s stiffness, flatness and stable response to temperature makes it the ideal substrate for coating functional barrier layers.  This has led to the wide scale replacement of 9µm aluminium foil containing triplex laminates  with bi-laminates comprising only 20 nanometers of vacuum deposited aluminium  in many flexbile packaging structures. 

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Without BOPET film we could see an increase in food waste or face a move back towards to inefficient mixed material laminates, complicating the recycling processes and increasing the carbon foot print of the flexible packaging market.

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Polyester is the printer’s choice delivering the perfect substrate for inks to adhere to and delivering stunning shelf appeal through its high gloss and low haze

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Without BOPET film the flexible packaging market loses part of one of its key strengths which is to promote it’s customers product

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Polyester is an engineering polymer offering an exceptionally wide temperature operating window ranging from cryogenics to use in conventional ovens.  This capability delivers huge added value and creates flexible packaging alternatives to rigid plastic possible in applications such as ovenable packaging, retort and hot fill. 

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Without BOPET film we could lose the ability to offer consumer choice and convenience and face a move back to increased reliance on rigid packaging.